Monday, November 21, 2011

.Global Video Was On Air

This video shows us about the disparities of health care all over the world.
People in low income countries didn't get their basic care of health due to the politics domination of high income countries.
# it is time to expose the injustice in our healthcare system.enjoy the video guys.

..Health issues vs globalisation..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

.Health Law.

Globalisation represents a set of processes that are transforming the nature of human interaction across a wide range of spheres such as social, political, economic and technological. Therefore, globalisation can be seen through three dimensions of change which are spatial, cognitive and temporal. Globalisation has altered the world of policy making in tangible ways. Thus,in our discussion about globalisation, the exposure of health policy is an important one. Health policy lead the formation of health law in order to lead people for a better health. These are the list of health laws which contribute to the development of health care in Malaysia.

  1. Act 342 Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases Act 1988
  2. Care Centres Act 1993, Act 506
  3. Control of Drugs & Cosmetics Regulations 1984
  4. Dangerous Drugs Act 1952
  5. Dangerous Drugs Regulations 1952
  6. Destruction of Disease-bearing Insects Act 1975,Act 154
  7. Drug Dependants ( Treatment And Rehabilitation) Act 1983
  8. Farmers Association Act 1972
  9. Food Acr 1983
  10. Human Tissues Act 1974
  11. Malaysian Health Promotion Board Act 1965
  12. Malaysian Red Crescent Society (Incorporation) Act 1965
  13. Medical Act 1971
  14. Medicines Advertisements Board Regulations 1976
  15. Mental Health Act 2001,Act 615
  16. Nurses Act 1950
  17. Poison Act 1952
  18. Private Hospital Act 1971
  19. Registration of Pharmacy Act 1951
  20. Sale of Drugs Act 1952