Monday, October 24, 2011

.3rd Issues of Globalisation.

Heath is an important sector of most economies and a core area of social policy. Social policy are decisions made in government intended to direct or influence the actions, behaviours, or decisions of others (Longest 2010). When public policies influence the needed of health, they become health policies. Health policy refers to decisions. plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society. Health policy also be defined as the aggregate of principles that characterize the distribution of services and resources that impact on the health of population. (Miller 1987).

Third issues that be featured in this book is how health policy is made, which process are taking place and what changes are happening during development of globalising world. This post will summarized all this three components as below :

1) How Health Policy is Made -
Health policy decisions made by elected and appointed officials in various branches of government. The policies (decisions) made by many individual and units within government called health care professionals influenced to the decision-making of health care.With some guidance on how to think critically about politics, health care professionals can influence the development, passage and implementation of government health policies that affect their patients.

2) Process Taking Place in Making Health Policy -
The diagram shows the flow in making health policy. Before a policy made, several determinants first recognized to ensure that the policy made are the best for everyone.

3) What Changes Are Happening During Development of Globalising World -
  1. Global environment change
  2. Industrialization and economic growth change
  3. Firms and educational institutions change
  4. Material wealth, goods, and services change
  5. Existance of trade, foreign direct investment,capital flows, migration, spread of technology and military
  6. Globalization has actually decreased inter-cultural contacts while increasing the possibility of international and intra-national conflict
  7. Combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors.
  8. Circulation of ideas, languages, or popular culture,

Thus, in the global world, policy making play an important role to driven the world to the safe stage.

. A good health policy to all of us.

Monday, October 17, 2011

.2nd Issues of Globalisation

Although everyone agrees that globalisation is happening, it remains difficult to define. Yet, discussion continues about what are the impacts of globalisation on health. This discussion will build understanding about some of the major health consequences of globalisation process. There are many different aspects of globalisation that are analysed separately but the aspects are closely interconnected between each other such as viewed by the diagram below :
Diagram 1 summarized that globalisation incorporates many different processes and phenomena that combine to link the world.

One of the first premises of this book is that the scope of global health is expanding as a consequence of the processes of globalisation. Globalisation can be defined as ‘processes that are changing the nature of human interaction across a wide range of spheres including the sociocultural, political, economic, technological and ecological’ (Lee 2001).
These processes are global where it can impacting on both cause (health determinants) and effect (health status). Health status are change as the mortality and burden of diseases attribute to major risks. The five leading global risks for mortality in the world are high blood pressure, tobacco use, high blood glucose, physical inactivity, and overweight and obesity. They are responsible for raising the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancers. They affect countries across all income groups which is high,middle and low income groups.

The impacts of these processes of change are leading to new patterns of human health and disease which the globalisation process consequences for diet and life style. Some examples are healthy eating and physical activities. People in global countries ignored the important of diet and lifestyle as they are busy working all days. The result is a steadily rising incidence of obesity, coronary heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes

As discussed above, globalisation in the economic, political, social, cultural,ecological and technological spheres of human activity needs to be taken into account as part of the broader determinants of health. Globalisation are closely related to high risk of health with can cause high level of mortality as people neglected their health style due to the fast process of modenisation.

Monday, October 10, 2011

.1st Issues of Globalisation.

First issues that highlighted by this book is about public health. This book stated that globalising process can cause people confronting public health which contributing to worsening health. Public health in the context of globalisation means that any disease spreading can influence all the aspect of health including international health. International health becomes global health when the causes or consequences of a health issue are spreading throughout the environment including any territorial boundaries of states thus beyond the capacity of states.

The relevance of this situation lastly result to expose disease to infect all public people in a certain states or country. The health become worsen and people need to address this phenomena effectively or they have to confront serious disease for the rest of their life.

Concerning about public health is an important component. By controlling diseases of public health,people could live in a good manners. Recognition of the health is needed to balance controls on health sector such as established health infrastructures in order to control diseases of public health importance. Due to this act, on last 7th October, our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib had annouced the '2012 Budget' for Malaysian. Health services will be enhanced to the best platform in order to maintain the level of public health in Malaysia. Some expenditure will be spent to improve the level of health in Malaysia especially in the aspects of infrastructure and health management. Clinics and hospitals will provided in all areas including rural areas with the objectives of condusive environment produce a comprehensive community.

The Prime Minister launched "Klinik 1 Malaysia" which aiming the rural and urban community to get a better health services.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

.theGlobalist Goal.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce my reference for this blog's writing.




Issues Highlighted :
1) Globalising process can cause people confronting public health which contributing to worsening health.
2) Build understanding about some of the major health consequences of globalisation process.
3) This book concern how health policy is made, who is involved, which processes are taking place and what changes are happening during the development of globalising world.

Thus, this book is used to build my better understanding about the issues of health through globalising process. All the input in this book will be associate with all the issues occurs nowadays.

.Who's Me In This Global World?.

I live in Global Village. This Village composed of a new lifestyle among the villagers. Global world has changed this Village to the new image of community. The name of "Global Village" comes from ideas of globalisation. This Village described a phenomena which the human clusters are mostly rely on to the new set of generation who commits modern life. A clustered human settlement developed a community without any politicals , economics and social boundaries.

My Global Village can view all the perspectives in continuous process of globalisation. The developed nations grows from developed country. Thus, this conclude that globalisation enhance Global Village which overview of what the world has done, what the world is doing at this time and what will happening to the world in the future. The strengthen of social, economics and political systems contribute to the new global habitat called Global Village.

This is my Global Village. It is closely related to the process of globalisation which change all the aspects in an individual life.

As a result from my Village's development, in a smaller scale, globalisation process definitely entered my living room. It is proved from the photo below.
This photo shows :

Me watching TELEVISION made in JAPAN
while enjoying CARTOON from SCOTLAND
while eating POPCORN imported from AUSTRALIA
while wearing CLOTHES from USA.

Finally, it is conclude that globalisation has been entered our living room without we noticed. We cannot run from this process as well as we must face this new phenomena as far as the aspects of globalisation are emphasized. Thus, its result the sense of globalisation in an individual including me.