Monday, October 10, 2011

.1st Issues of Globalisation.

First issues that highlighted by this book is about public health. This book stated that globalising process can cause people confronting public health which contributing to worsening health. Public health in the context of globalisation means that any disease spreading can influence all the aspect of health including international health. International health becomes global health when the causes or consequences of a health issue are spreading throughout the environment including any territorial boundaries of states thus beyond the capacity of states.

The relevance of this situation lastly result to expose disease to infect all public people in a certain states or country. The health become worsen and people need to address this phenomena effectively or they have to confront serious disease for the rest of their life.

Concerning about public health is an important component. By controlling diseases of public health,people could live in a good manners. Recognition of the health is needed to balance controls on health sector such as established health infrastructures in order to control diseases of public health importance. Due to this act, on last 7th October, our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib had annouced the '2012 Budget' for Malaysian. Health services will be enhanced to the best platform in order to maintain the level of public health in Malaysia. Some expenditure will be spent to improve the level of health in Malaysia especially in the aspects of infrastructure and health management. Clinics and hospitals will provided in all areas including rural areas with the objectives of condusive environment produce a comprehensive community.

The Prime Minister launched "Klinik 1 Malaysia" which aiming the rural and urban community to get a better health services.


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